Use Your Digital Scrapbook Skills For More Than Layouts

Digital Scrapbook Skills Can Be Used For A Lot More Than Creating Layouts

Digital Scrapbook Skills
May 8th we celebrated my stepson Erik’s confirmation. When there is events like this in our family I always get the honor of making invitations and place cards, and to decorate songs we are going to sing etc.

If you are not familiar with the custom of celebrating confirmation, here’s a short explanation. In Norway most of the population belong to the Lutheran church which practice christening of babies. 15 years later the kids go through a year with lessons in church, where they learn about the christian faith. They also need to attend a number of services in church during this year. The reason it’s called confirmation, is that they are supposed to confirm their faith in Christ after this year. On the day of confirmation there is a special ceremony in church, and then most families invite their family and friends to a party afterwards. Sadly, most of the kids go through this year with one thing in their minds, the gifts they will get on this special day. And Erik sure got a lot of gifts :)

Use your digital scrapbook skills to make invitations and place cards

Erik’s favorite color these days is purple. So we decorated everything in purple, flowers, candle lights and napkins where in purple. So the invitations also had to be in purple of course. I struggled to get it to look good, so I gave up on my first idea, and customized one of my digital scrapbook templates from Template Pack 18 instead. I turned it into a template, that you can download for free here.

Digital scrapbook freebie

Digital Scrapbook Invitation

I used a digital scrapbook paper from Vinnie Pierce’ Pieces of Me kit for the background, just recolored it to dark purple. The alpha is Darcy Baldwin’s Polkey Spots.

The paper used on the envelope and the lavender cluster is from my own digital scrapbook kit The Garden of France.

The paint splat on the background is from Jennifer Barette and Lauren Grier’s collab A Day Like Today, and finally the postal stamp is from Kate Pertiet.

After finishing the invitation I just resized it and adjusted the size of some elements to make a matching place card. And finally I made a “Welcome” page as a front page to the songs we sung. This is also a custom we have in Norway when we have weddings, confirmations and also for birthdays some times. I’m sure it’s not only a Norwegian thing.

So here’s how it all came out. Ready for the guests to arrive.

Digital Scrapbook decoration

Your imagination is the only limit, when it comes to using your digital scrapbook skills for all kinds of creations!


  1. Thanks so much – well done, It is versatile enough for many occaisions. TY.

  2. This is a great template. Thanks.

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